Professional Membership


Make a statement about your commitment as an ICT recruitment professional – join the Professionals Program today and demonstrate to your clients, candidates and colleagues that you are serious about best practice.

The ITCRA Professionals Program is free to join but has some commitments and undertakings that need to be considered.

An ITCRA Professional must commit to:
• Viewing the ITCRA Code of Conduct Overview presentation available on the ITCRA website
• Continuing your Professional Development program to ensure your knowledge of the ITCRA Code of Conduct, ICT developments and legislation is kept updated. You will be asked to complete Certification which requires sitting the full Exam of 50 questions. You will be given access to study notes etc. before taking the exam. This must be undertaken within two years of being accepted as an ITCRA Professional unless there are extenuating circumstances.

An ITCRA Certified Professional must commit to:
• Ongoing Professional Development to ensure your knowledge of the ITCRA Code of Conduct, ICT developments, recruitment skills and legislation is kept updated.
• You will be expected to complete a Certification review every year requiring sitting a short 10 question quiz. Every 3 years you will commit to re-sitting the full 50 question Exam.

An ITCRA Leadership Professional is an individual who has completed the Mount Eliza Leadership Development Program. This is a 5 day residential program run by The Centre for Creative Leadership suitable for middle and senior management. The program is aimed at providing insights and growing confidence in self awareness, leadership style, systematic thinking, communication, learning agility, and influence. Click here for more detail.

For more details call Carmel Barker 03 8622 4773 or email her at

To join as an ITCRA Professional Member click here and complete the online application form.

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